The greatest compliment you can give is a testimonial for others who are considering services and offerings.  Allowing them to hear your experiences on your journey so it can help them decide if this is a good fit for them.  Thank you so much for those who take the time help spread the word.  BLESSINGS 

I have taken several of Lisa's classes and have had readings with her on several occasions.   The groups were great because I was able to relax and be myself. 

Each class was a step further in my development of being a Medium.  I also learned more about communicating with animals which I love. 

Lisa helped me learn to trust and believe in myself. 

Lisa has been accurate in every reading that I have had. 

Lisa is not afraid to tell you what you need to hear. 

I highly recommend taking Lisas classes. 

You wont be disappointed!!

Lisa is truly Amazing!!

Thank you Lisa for everything.

M.F. Ohio 

Lisa is one of the most talented intuitive mediums that I have ever known. I am a psychic medium and Lisa is someone that I trust to go to for clarity and guidance. I appreciate her no-nonsense approach as well as the passion and dedication she has for helping others navigate their way through difficult situations, be it through her mediumship abilities or her skills with hypnosis. I whole-heartedly recommend Lisa!

Kristina Hallett
Psychic medium
Owner, Mystic Rose Magick LLC
Addison, New York

I never recommend something unless I have personally tried it. Today I took the first step in my own personal journey. Today I tried Hypnotherapy. I have to tell you I came away Amazed. If you are suffering from anything in your life give this a try. It is so different that talking to a therapist!! Changing Perceptions I will be back. Thank You


I was concerned about my job and I had a phone call with Lisa. 

I didn't expect the GM was an issue, but she immediately described him SPOT ON details of his physical appearance, and how he didn't see his employees as people, but rather as objects.  I didn't give it much thought since at the time all was well and I rarely worked directly with him; I sincerely thought those details didn't concern me.

Within a few months everything changed abruptly, his motivations and treatment of employees destroyed my once  stable work environment...respected coworkers quit or were fired; I ended up leaving in tears.

Remembering that reading helped me tremendously in processing how traumatic that job loss was for me, to understand the motivation of why that situation ended, and to accept what was beyond my control.

Thanks Lisa.

You can use my name.  Eileen Virnig

I received my 1st reading yesterday from Lisa and it will be a memorable experience. There were some things heavy on my mind lately and Lisa was able to help me work through what I have been going through. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for some closure/clarity.