Helping to discover the happier, more empowered you!!!

Just a few of the ways Hypnotherapy can help:

Hypnotherapy/Vocational and Advocational Self Improvement

Has life gotten you down?

Are you struggling with recovery from an addiction? 

Are you struggling with where you fit into your own life?

Do you feel family and society has labeled you and there is no erasing it? 

Are you tired of feeling the way you do and not understanding it? 

Do you react to situations repeatedly in a way that only make matters worse? 

Do you wish to find a more spiritual connection to things? 

Do you find it difficult to settle your mind and have peaceful rest or time? 

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep easily?

Do you have difficulty letting stressful feelings go?

If you are struggling with any of these.

I am here to show you options that may help you along your journey

***Some things may require a medical referral 

A few of the areas I work in:
  • EFT

  • Self Hypnosis

  • Meditation

  • Inner Child

  • Fears/Anxiety

  • Therapeutic Imagery 

  • Stress Management

  • Habit Control

  • Self Esteem

  • Mind/Body/Spirit Balance

  • Motivation

  • Addiction Recovery (post sobriety)

  • Emotional Healing

  • Guilt

  • Sleep difficulty

  • Letting go of worry and stress

  • Therapeutic Journaling

  • And More......

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